Help bring a theater to West Chester. 

Uptown! Entertainment Alliance is bringing a theater to West Chester         

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October 11, 2014
for the
Uptown! Entertainment Alliance
Vintage Hollywood

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The mission of Uptown! Entertainment Alliance is to promote cultural, economic, and civic life experiences in our community through live theater, music, dance, film and other local events in the heart of West Chester, Pennsylvania's historic district.

Uptown! will do this by:

Creating a cultural hub for individuals and families within walking distance to West Chester's bustling boutiques and restaurants.

Engaging underserved age and income groups through age and culturally sensitive programming. 

Preserving an important part of local and national history...Read more

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Up! in Town

A Night of American Roots Music with Mason Porter.

Uptown! is proud to be able to bring a little culture to downtown West Chester. Not many things tell us as much about any given culture as its folk music. And not many bands perform American folk music with authenticity, creativity and passion like Mason Porter!

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