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Angela's UPTOWN! updates

Aug. 22, 2016 – On Friday I met our Uptown! Board member Jimmy Jefferis at the Armory. He brought along 22 of his friends and neighbors from Arbours at West Goshen. Hard hats on we troured the space. The construction is on target with HVAC going. The elevator pit is being dug and floors will be taken back to the original state. Everyone was so excited to hear the description of our resident companies for the new theater and asked for information on the grand opening Gala being planned for New Year’s Eve. The group was so excited for the theater to open. They “just can’t wait!”


  • Thursday night was a blast....we had the pleasure of pouring samples of our handcrafted spirits at the Uptown! Entertainment Alliance's "Bringing A Theatre To West Chester" event. Our new, ‪#‎BATCH04‬ ‪#‎SmallBatchWhiskey‬ was featured in their signature "Highball" during The Jazz Cocktail Hour."

    Joe, Manatawny Still Works

  • The Armory seems like in 1916 someone built it and said: Someday this will be a theater.

    Mark Allen, Center for Performing Arts

  • We are pleased to have the zoning approved and appreciate the advice we were given by the Borough regarding this process. We now look forward to launching the final phase of the capital campaign to bring a first class theater to West Chester. 7/29/15

    Tom McEvoy, Uptown! President

  • With the creation of the Cultural Overlay District, we can move forward to make a dream a reality! We are so fortunate to have wonderful people in our community who envisioned bringing a theater to downtown West Chester, created a plan and are working very hard to bring all of us together to make it happen. Thanks to the Uptown! Entertainment Alliance Board and all the supporters! 7/29/15

    Carolyn T. Comitta, Mayor, West Chester, PA.

  • With so many people passionately involved in the development of a theater in West Chester, it is looking to be nothing short of a success. The board members are not only committed to the performing arts, but also determined to improve the town of West Chester by bringing an element of creativity.

    The WC Press, March 2012

  • The College of Visual and Performing Arts at West Chester University of Pennsylvania is extremely pleased to partner with Uptown! Entertainment Alliance to foster the growth of support for the arts in our hometown.

    Dean Timothy V. Blair, Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

  • "...an Anchor Building Grant application was submitted for a project to renovate a former Pennsylvania National Guard Armory and turn it into a community theatre. This project is considered an important priority for West Chester as a whole as well as for the BID’s efforts towards downtown revitalization and plans for enhancing the downtown as a destination location. The theatre project was discussed by several stakeholders throughout the day. There is a genuine enthusiasm in the community for the project and its potential and could be judged as being as critical to further community revitalization as the new residential and hotel development in the downtown."

    , Pennsylvania Downtown Center Main Street/Elm Street Program Assessment Report

Video 2016!

Uptown! is taking its message to a new media with a video that tells the story of bringing a theater to West Chester. We hope you will take a few minutes to view it and see some of the people who have given tirelessly and been so supportive of our efforts. We are extremely grateful to Justin Chan and Valley Creek Productions for the time and talent they donated to produce this video.

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"I can't wait to FINALLY have a place in West Chester where our public can see performances that are geared towards the growing Hispanic community in our region. Sure, we live "close" to a major metropolitan area, the City of Philadelphia, where we should be able, if we have the time and money, to see events in Spanish in mainstream venues, right? But the fact is that these opportunities are few and far between. In 2014, I was proud to present my first production, a Spanish language play at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, which started 19 years ago! The hunger in our community to enjoy theater and musical performances that connect us to our roots is evident from the warm reception our initial efforts have enjoyed with the small events we have already sponsored in West Chester. The time is right to expand our efforts, diversify our offerings and widen our audience, and Uptown will give us the opportunity to do just that. Bienvenidos!!!!" Yajaira Paredes, Resident Latin Company


"I Can't Wait to have a bonafide professional theatre company in my own backyard! As an actor, I understand the benefits of having ANY Cultural Arts so close to home. After growing up in a rather depressed city (Cleveland, OH), West Chester appeared as a strong example of what is possible for towns where people are united. My wife and I moved to West Chester in 2005 and we've fallen in love with the borough, our neighborhood and neighbors. Two things can make a good city, a great city - Arts & Commerce. Of course, Chester County has both and as the county seat/jewel of this county, West Chester SHOULD have a cultural arts center. Plus, to have the opportunity to walk to work, doing what I love - acting - is sheer thrill. The Uptown Theatre can't arrive soon enough for me, either as a prospective employer or as a venue to enjoy quality shows and works. Kudos to Uptown! Let's finish this thing!" Tom Wang

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