Masterworks 1: Classical Brilliance

Kennett Symphony was established in 1940 and provides the musical landscape of a historic region renowned for the arts. We engage more than 5,000 members of our community every season in an inclusive way.

Jessie Montgomery – Strum

Samuel Barber – Violin Concerto – Lun Li – soloist


Ludwig Van Beethoven – Symphony no.8

According to Grammy-winning American composer Jessie Montgomery, “Strum draws on American folk idioms and the spirit of dance and movement. The piece has a kind of narrative that begins with fleeting nostalgia and transforms into ecstatic celebration.” Samuel Barber, born in West Chester PA in 1910, wrote one of the great American violin concertos. Finishing the concert is Beethoven’s 8th symphony, a piece full of humor, élan, and a light-hearted sparkle. Tickets include a pre-concert talk with Music Director, Michael Hall, the full show, as well as a post-concert Q&A with the conductor, soloist, and select musicians.

Ticket Info
Show Time
October 13: 3:00pm
Ticket Price
$55 (adult)
$15 (student, up to age 18)