Chris Capehart Family Friendly Magic Show

Chris Capehart Family Friendly Magic Show

Sat, Feb 29 2020

Uptown! presents

Chris Capehart
Family Friendly Magic Show

Saturday, February 29, 2020 7:00PM
Running Time: 2 HRS

Chris Capehart has done it all. In forty + years he has performed on the big stage, lectured to magicians, become a famous, accomplished street performer, created routines and mastered the linking rings. He has been published and imitated throughout the world. His skill at close-up is no less than astonishing. His quick comeback verbal skills, sharpened on the streets of New York City, have made him an outstanding comedian.

He has performed in over thirteen countries and has worked for three different cruise lines. He has worked for several corporations for the last fifteen years straight. And last but not least, he has been featured on the cover of Genii Magazine, December 2008 edition. It took 23 pages to tell his story. Chris Capehart is a magician not to be missed.


Adults $25

Children $15

*There is a $3 per ticket service fee at check out.
**20% off 10 or more