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Summer Internship

My Uptown! Internship Experience

Uptown! Entertainment Alliance is a successful non-profit organization that offers beneficial programs, beatiful venues and diverse job opportunities. My name is Marsaude Edwards, and this summer I was a marketing intern at Uptown! Entertainment Alliance. My internship at Uptown! provided me with significant marketing experience. I also became more proficient in graphic and web design. I believe that my internship at Uptown! Was beneficial to my career path because I am a business major at the University of Pittsburgh and I plan to eventually manage a business of my own. In addition to having the privilege of seeing complimentary grandiose theatrical performances, and working with an efficient and lovable staff, I have also been able to obtain a vast amount of professional work experience. From participating in marketing meetings to creating slideshows and spreadsheets, everything that I have done at Uptown! has contributed to my general knowledge of marketing management and has enhanced my understanding of the business world. Ultimately, I was most excited to work with Uptown! because I support their mission: “To promote cultural, economic, and civic life experiences in our community through live theater, music, dance, film and other local events in the heart of West Chester, Pennsylvania’s historic district.” Music and Culture are two facets that are important to me, and interning for a business that also values those aspects of society was genuinely motivational.
Interning at Uptown! has provided me with important business acumen in addition to a series of exciting experiences at a non-profit organization with an inspiring mission.